There are many choices you can make when shopping for Christian Apparel. I bet you though all Christian clothing are pretty much the same. Well here are the top 3 categories that you can rank your Christian clothing from 3 to 1. Which Christian styles do you think you like the best?

CATEGORY #3: Christian Clichés

If you love cheesy pick-up lines, you'll love, cheesy christian t-shirts like this. As cringe-worthy as it may seem to some people, many of us found out that Christian clothing existed because of t-shirts like these. Let's not discredit the way people like to display their love for Jesus. 

CATEGORY #2: Slogan Based Christian Clothing

Love Like Jesus christian hoodie
Slogan based Christian apparel is the most common category throughout Christian apparel. So whether you're reminding someone to love like Jesus, or tell them them that Jesus has your back, there is no wrong way to wear it. It is so easy to fall in love with them, who wouldn't want one!
This particular Love Like Jesus Hoodie was the first hoodie made by Pebbles Armoire Faith & Apparel. Although their main focus in Christian apparel is bible-based and worship-based clothing, who can say no to an amazingly soft and cozy hoodie that will make anyone feel good about the way they look. 

CATEGORY #1: Scripture / Worship Based Christian Clothing

There are very few Christian clothing brands that are bible focused. Most often they remain slogan based. Maybe because it is extremely hard to make scripture based clothing look as amazing as you would want to feel. Pebbles Armoire does a fantastic job focusing most of their Christian clothing on bible based and worship based designs, referencing the book of Psalms, Ephesians, Joshua, 1 Corinthians, and more. 
Here are two rare jewels from Pebbles Armoire Faith & Apparel! The bible-based sweatshirt above has the entire excerpt of Psalm 23. So whether you feel meditative, or whether you want to glorify God as your Lord and Shepherd, you can't go wrong with this amazing scripture-focused sweatshirt. The picture below is the perfect blend of Christian Streetwear, focused solely on worship-based clothing, praising the Father, the Son, and The Spirit. This oversized crop is made with unique ethically sourced French-terry cotton, for the perfect faded newspaper look that shouts Praise to the Lord. 
WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE THE BEST: Cliché based, Slogan based, Scripture based, or Worship based Christian clothing?
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